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1. Providing a common platform to interact with the students and teachers on environmental issues.

2. Helping a lot in spreading and disseminating environmental knowledge and concepts to large number of people.

3. Providing “Hands-on Environmental Experience” on environmental concepts to the students to carry out various measurements.

4. Motivating students to learn about scientific protocols by performing environmental learning activities, which are already introduced as theory in the greened textbooks.
GLOBE Investigation
In the broadest sense, the entire planet Earth is the domain of GLOBE science research. By collecting environmental data from around the world, scientists and students will have a better understanding of Earth and its interrelated cycles, which comprise an integrated system.

For conducting the GLOBE science research, there are four domains of the GLOBE Program. Each is detailed in one of the GLOBE investigation:
Atmosphere Investigation
Hydrology Investigation
Soil Investigation
Land Cover Investigation
How to Select GLOBE Study Site

How to Perform GLOBE Experiments
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