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1. Providing a common platform to interact with the students and teachers on environmental issues.

2. Helping a lot in spreading and disseminating environmental knowledge and concepts to large number of people.

3. Providing “Hands-on Environmental Experience” on environmental concepts to the students to carry out various measurements.

4. Motivating students to learn about scientific protocols by performing environmental learning activities, which are already introduced as theory in the greened textbooks.
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General Information
Q.1 What is The GLOBE Program?

GLOBE is a worldwide hands-on, primary and secondary school-based science and education program.

For students, GLOBE provides the opportunity to learn by:

  • Taking scientifically valid measurements in the fields of atmosphere, hydrology, soil, and land cover/ phonology- depending upon their local curricula
  • Reporting their data through the Internet to the students data archive
  • Creating maps and graphs on the free interactive Website to analyze datasets collaborating with scientists and other GLOBE students around world

For Teachers, GLOBE provides assistance through:

  • Training at professional development workshops
  • Teacher’s guides, “ how-to” videos, and other materials
  • Continuing support from a Help-Desk, scientists, and partners
  • Contact with other teachers, students, and scientists worldwide in Web Chats and list servers

For International and U.S. Partners, GLOBE provides:

  • Train-the Trainer workshops
  • Guidance and support for mentoring teachers
Q.2 What is the Value of GLOBE?

- Nobel laureate Dr. Leon Lederman

GLOBE helps teachers and students improve their achievement in science and math, and in the use of computer and network technology.

GLOBE helps teachers and students achieve state and local education goals and standards.

GLOBE increases student awareness about their environment from a scientific viewpoint, without advocacy to issues.

GLOBE improves student understanding of science because it involves them in performing real science- taking measurements, analyzing data, and participating in research in collaboration with scientists.

GLOBE students contribute data for scientists to use in their research.

GLOBE helps expand the pipeline of potential future scientists and researchers for industry, academia, and government.

Q.3 Who is involved in GLOBE?
A. GLOBE is a cooperative effort of schools, led in the United States by a Federal interagency program supported by NASA, NSF, EPA and the State Department, in partnership with colleges and universities, state and local systems, and non-government organizations. Internationally, GLOBE is a partnership between the United State and 97 other Countries.

Over a million primary and secondary students in more than 10,000 schools have taken part in the program; there are more than 16,000 GLOBE trained teachers and these numbers are growing!

Parents and others can work with teachers to help students obtain data on days when schools are not open.

Q.4 How to Join GLOBE?
A. Teachers and other educators who wish to lead students in GLOBE need to attend special workshops in order to fully participate in the program. Internationally, contact your country point of contact.
Q.5 How can one GLOBE school identify other GLOBE schools to collaborate with? How can they identify a GLOBE school in another country?
A. The list of schools in partner countries is available via the school search feature, which is also available on the GLOBE menu bar (at the GLOBE Website - www.globe.gov) access; you can contact the teacher using GLOBE mail to discuss collaboration. If the school does not have web access, contact information will be provided for the school.
Q.6 How do you hope students will benefit from GLOBE?
A. With the help of this program, students will learn how to determine the health of an environmental system. Society assumes that we can keep dumping pollutants and somehow the environment will take care of them. In this program students have the opportunity to check their water system and can know weather the water system is polluted or healthy. Also they can learn how to make good measurements.
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