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1. Providing a common platform to interact with the students and teachers on environmental issues.

2. Helping a lot in spreading and disseminating environmental knowledge and concepts to large number of people.

3. Providing “Hands-on Environmental Experience” on environmental concepts to the students to carry out various measurements.

4. Motivating students to learn about scientific protocols by performing environmental learning activities, which are already introduced as theory in the greened textbooks.
Student Activities
Student Activities
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Impact of GLOBE Programme activities on students
Globe programme in India helped students to learn hands on science; this is the unique feature of GLOBE, which attracts the teachers and students in implementing the programme in their respective schools.
Globe provides a scientific approach towards understanding the know how's of Environment.
The observation capability of the GLOBE students is enhanced due to precise working on the protocols.
Evidence to determine the impact of the GLOBE program on students

The GLOBE programme has initiated in developing school based projects as assignments to the students.

For Example
Comparing water quality of two study sites at different seasons
Effect of Cloud cover and type on atmospheric temperature.
Comparing the Soil pH of two different study locations.
The students has prepared project reports and submitted to their respective schools
Moreover the students and teachers are now interested in taking up new projects based on Globe instead of only recording regular data.
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