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1. Providing a common platform to interact with the students and teachers on environmental issues.

2. Helping a lot in spreading and disseminating environmental knowledge and concepts to large number of people.

3. Providing “Hands-on Environmental Experience” on environmental concepts to the students to carry out various measurements.

4. Motivating students to learn about scientific protocols by performing environmental learning activities, which are already introduced as theory in the greened textbooks.
GLOBE School in India
Uttar Pradesh

The names of the Schools of Uttar Pradesh and their teachers who are trained in all the 4 basic GLOBE protocols are listed below:

S.No GLOBE Trained Teachers School Names
1. Mr. Sanjay Sharma Dewan Public School, 220 Westend Road, Meerut Cantt. Meerut 
2. Mr. G. P. Sinha Dewan Public School, 220 Westend Road, Meerut Cantt. Meerut
3. Mrs. Aruna Rastogi Dewan Public School, 220 Westend Road, Meerut Cantt. Meerut 
4. Mr. Ajay Kumar Rathi Army School, Meerut Cantt.
5. Ms. Meenu Arora Delhi Public School, Meerut
6. Ms. Meera Manglik City Vocational Public School, Meerut
7. Ms. Ferzana M. Hussain Sophia Girls School, Meerut
8. Mr. Brahmaji Shah Millennium Public School, Meeurt
9. Ms. Shushila Yadav Millennium Public School, Meerut
10. Mr. Irshad Ahamad Swami Vivekanand Public School, Meerut
11. Mr. Umrao Singh Takshila Public Schoo, Meerut
12. Ms. Sunita Chawla St. John’s Sr. Sec. School, Meerut
13. Mr. Anup Singh J P Academy, Meerut
14. Ms.  Bindia Makhija Deewan Public School, J V, Meerut
15. Mrs. Rajbala Jain Rishabh Academy, Meerut
16. Mrs. Sunita Malik N P S, Meerut
17. Mrs. Shalin Gupta Jain Deewan Public School International, Meerut
18. Ms. Anu Wadhava Guru Tegh Bahadur Public School, Meerut
19. Mrs. Sadhana Arora C J D A V Public School, Meerut
20. Mrs. Meenu Chaudhary D M P S, Modia Nagar
21. Ms. Garima Translem Academy International, Meerut
22. Ms. Shalu Translem Academy International, Meerut
23. Ms. Ritu Singhal International Public School, Ganganagar, Meerut
24. Mrs. Vandana Gupta Dayawati Modi Academy- I, Modi Puram
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