10 Popular Places to Visit in America For A Family Vacation in 2022

America has many travel options within its region, including Central America, South America, and North America. If one looks at the options, there are many. There are many places you can visit in America. While there are numerous options to visit with family, there are others to plan a honeymoon too. You might also be confused by the list of top American destinations. There are many places you can visit, from beaches to stunning skylines to huge deserts and rainforests to lush forests. Keep reading.

Ten Best Places to Visit in America

Here are top places to see in America. Let’s take a look.

1. United States Of America
2. Canada
3. Mexico
4. Cuba
5. Puerto Rico
6. Brazil
7. Argentina
8. Chile
9. Colombia
10. Peru

1. United States Of America

The USA, which is made up of 50 US states, is the third largest country in the globe. It offers tourists many places to visit. There are many things to do in America, including sun-kissed beaches or snow-covered peaks. Redwood forests can be found alongside stunning skylines. Spring and autumn are great seasons for visiting the USA, but summer is the most popular. Here are the best tourist places and attractions in America.

When is the best time to visit? March to May and September to November
Attractions for tourists: Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls, Statue of Liberty, Yellowstone National Park
There are many things you can do Visit the vineyards and wineries of Napa Valley, climb the Empire State Building in NYC, enjoy skiing in Vermont
These are the best places to stay Carmel Bay View Inn. Hofsas House Hotel. The Gateaway. Starlight La Jolla. Normandy Inn.

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2. Canada

At twilight, the skyline of downtown Edmonton Alberta Canada

Canada is a great place to go if you enjoy road trips. Canada, one of America’s top 10, is home to beautiful landscapes in 6 different time zones. Canada attracts a large number of tourists annually due to its ability to offer something for all visitors, including history enthusiasts and adventure seekers. From snowboarding in Whistler’s mountains to enjoying walks in Vancouver’s Stanley Park, there is much to do in Canada.

When is the best time to visit? September to November
Attractions for tourists: Banff National Park, Toronto’s CN Tower, Old Quebec, Whistler
There are many things you can do See a polar bear in Manitoba, go mountain biking in British Columbia, check out the street art in Toronto
These are the best places to stay Monte Carlo Inn Oakville Suites. Quality Inn. Tyndall Stone Lodge. SureStay Hotel. Sandman Hotel Hamilton.

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3. Mexico

Aerial view from Independence Monument Mexico City

Mexico is a vibrant nation with exotic beaches and tempting cuisine. Mexico is a paradise and a must-see destination in America. Famous for its magnificent archaeological monuments, one cannot miss Teotihuacán’s towering pyramids and Maya temples on a trip to Mexico. You will find yourself surrounded by beautiful Spanish colonial-era stone houses, churches, and other buildings as you walk down these charming streets.

When is the best time to visit? December to April
Attractions touristiques: Monte Alban, Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve, San Ignacio Lagoon, Catedral Metropolitana
There are many things you can do Museum hopping in Mexico City, witness the Day of the Dead Festival (Wednesday, 2 November 2022), do not miss eating tacos
These are the best places to stay Camino Real Aeropuerto, Hotel MX Congreso, Hotel Real del Sur, Hotel Panuco

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4. Cuba

Cuba, a Carribean nation where you can expect unexpected things beyond its beautiful beaches and ancient heirlooms is not only renowned for its beauty but also for the incredible food it serves. Cuba is a place where you can ride a roller coaster. This is the reason it’s one of America’s most popular destinations. There is so much to do in Cuba, from driving a vintage car around the town to enjoying mojitos at Varadero’s beaches. You can get a Cuban cigar for as low as $16 and discover all the hidden secrets of Carribean beauty.

When is the best time to visit? December to May
Attractions touristiques: Old Havana, Playa Paraíso (Paradise Beach), Parque Nacional Viñales, Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes
There are many things you can do Take a Havana city tour, walk the cobblestone streets of Trinidad, enjoy a swim in a cenote, go hiking in Topes National Park
These are the best places to stay Pinar del Río, Económico, Céntrico y Cubano, Hotel Nacional de Cuba, Hostal Rivero Novoa CIENFUEGOS

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5. Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is the best place to go if you’re looking for paradise. Any beach bum’s favorite place, Puerto Rico is also loved by watersports lovers. While some of its beaches are quite touristy but on digging deep, there are some secluded and pristine stretches of coast, where one wouldn’t find much company. Puerto Rico has many wonderful places to explore, including sprawling coffee plantations or beautiful museums. Here are some tourist attractions.

When is the best time to visit? mid-April to June
Attractions touristiques: El Yunque National Forest, Culebra Island, Luquillo Beach, Rio Camuy Caves
There are many things you can do Whale watching at Rincon, spend a day in Old San Juan, sunbathe at the beaches in Culebra
These are the best places to stay Candelero Beach Resort, Ponce Plaza Hotel & Casino, Solace by the Sea, Hotel Melia Ponce

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6. Brazil


Brazil has many amazing attractions, including white sandy beaches, colonial cities, waterfalls and islands. Brazil makes a great place to honeymoon. The beaches here are perfect to dip one’s toes in the warm water enjoying the pristine sunsets at the horizon. For those who are looking for adventure there are endless options. Brazil has a wide range of activities to offer, from horseback riding to kayaking to hiking to whale watching. Are you up for the adventure?

When is the best time to visit? September and October
Attractions touristiques: Sugar Loaf (Rio de Janeiro), the statue of Christ the Redeemer, Iguaçu Falls, Pernambuco Beaches
There are many things you can do Sunbathe at Florianópolis Beaches, dive at Abismo Anhumas, trek at Aparados da Serra National Park
These are the best places to stay clã destinos hostel, Sobrado novo, Praia da Enseada, Casa Saint Hilaire 

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7. Argentina

Argentina, known for its Andes dance and tango form, is one of America’s top destinations. Its popular cities Córdoba, Salta, Buenos Aires, Mendoza, and Bariloche give tourists not one but many reasons to spend a long holiday in this country. Argentina is a beautiful country with its waterfalls to the north and its glaciers to the south. Argentina is a great place to travel with your family. It offers breathtaking views and exciting adventures.

When is the best time to visit? October to mid-December and April to mid-June
Attractions touristiques: Iguazú Falls, Perito Moreno Glacier, Tierra del Fuego National Park, Cathedral of Córdoba
There are many things you can do Take a glacier tour, walk with the penguins at Punta Tombo, hike in the mountain village of El Chalten
These are the best places to stay Village Catedral Hotel & Spa, Hosteria EL Puma, Chalten El Hotel, Soft Catedral

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8. Chile


Chile has everything, from the most remote deserts to breathtaking glacial areas. A beautiful land of extremes, it is every traveler’s dream to explore the varied terrain of Chile. Chile offers a variety of activities for its visitors, including wine tastings, stargazing at Atacama and enjoying the Chilean cuisine. You are ready to travel this region of America?

When is the best time to visit? December to February
Attractions touristiques: Torres Del Paine National Park, Easter Island, the Chilean Lake District, Lauca National Park
There are many things you can do Play with the penguins at Isla Magdalena, enjoy the street art at Valparaíso, stargaze in the Atacama Desert
These are the best places to stay Infinity Apartments, Spark Hoteles , Hotel Stanford Santiago, Hotel José Nogueira

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9. Colombia

It is moving quickly as the elevated Medellin Metro enters the Parque Berrio Station. This station faces the illuminated Palace of Culture, Plaza Botero in Medellin. The Aburra Valley is the central region of South America’s Andes Mountains. It houses the City of Eternal Spring.

Colombia offers a variety of landscapes, from the beautiful Carribean sands, to the exotic coffee plantation, to breathtaking high-altitude lakes, to lush tropical grasslands. This diversity offers many places for tourists to discover. Colombia offers a wide range of attractions, from charming coastal towns to exciting cities on the coast. Enjoy a trip through Colombia by exploring the charming cobblestone villages or hiking through picturesque villages.

When is the best time to visit? December to March
Attractions touristiques: Lost City of Teyuna, the River of Five Colors, Los Nevados National Park, Tayrona National Park
There are many things you can do Visit a coffee plantation, swim with bioluminescent plankton at Isla Múcura, scuba dive in Cartagena
These are the best places to stay Apartamentos en Palmetto, Aptos Morros City Bocagrande-CLODEL, Yellow Home CasaBaja, El Jardin de Provenza

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10. Peru


Peru has the pre-Columbian largest ruins in America. It is known for its charming old-world charm. These museums offer a glimpse into civilizations today that have disappeared. But this isn’t all! You can also explore Peru’s food markets and try the street-corner stall food. It won’t disappoint you! You can also explore bike trails if you want to have some fun and escape the hustle of the cities. Paragliding offers breathtaking views and adrenaline-fuelled rafting on treacherous waters.

When is the best time to visit? May to October
Attractions touristiques: Machu Picchu, Inca Trail, Lake Titicaca, Colca Canyon
There are many things you can do Explore the Amazon Rainforest, witness the Nazca Lines via an airplane, go surfing in Mancora
These are the best places to stay Bella Terra Laguna Azul Resort & Spa, Los Cocos, Tambopata Ecolodge, Homestay Pachamama

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Most Common Questions Concerning Places To See In America

What are the top cities in America?

Los Angeles and Chicago are some of the most popular cities in the United States.

Canada: What are some fun things to do?

You can do these things in Canada: Polar bear safari 2. Visit the Northern Lights of British Columbia, Yukon and Newfoundland. Visit Niagara Falls 4. Whistler is a great place to ski

Is there a cheaper month to travel to Mexico?

April and May offer lower flights rates than other months.

Are they able to speak English in Cuba

Because Spanish is widely used in Cuba, English is not spoken by many people. Before planning your trip to Cuba, it is a good idea to be familiar with basic Spanish phrases and words.

Peruvian tap water is safe to drink

When visiting Peru, foreigners should only drink bottled water.

Is Brazil a safe country?

Brazil is safe but visitors and tourists should still be aware of the dangers.

Are Argentina’s prices too high?

Argentina Tour Package for 10 Days and 9 Nights starting at INR 180,000/.

Can I dive with scuba in America?

One of the most popular places for scuba diving is America’s Blue Heron Bridge. Blue Heron Bridge, Riviera Beach, Florida 2. Gran Cenote, Riviera Maya, Mexico 3. Keahole Point, Hawaii 4. Isla Mujeres, Cancun, Mexico 5. Cocos Island, Costa Rica

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