It is the Delhi Leh Flight at Sunrise

I recently went to Ladakh for the fifth time. The first time I was there, back in 2005, my husband and I took the road trip with public transportation. Following that, I’ve always been on a plane. Since my first flight in the year 2016 I was aware of the stunning view from The Ladakh Range was on the A side of the seats when going , and in the front when returning.

Magic over the Ladakh Rage, Delhi Leh Flight

The last time I was looking up flights, I noticed a flight with a 5.30 am departure time from Delhi. I figured I’d get to watch the sunrise rise over the mountains and so I took a chance and booked the flight. It was a dream! I am not disappointed that I left the house at 3.00 am. Nor do I feel guilty for paying 200 rupees to secure a 29 seat ahead of time to rest peacefully knowing that my seat was guaranteed.

The Day Break over the Ladakh Range, Delhi Leh Flight

I flew on the 13th of October 13 after almost a whole year and nine months! The check-in process was slow, but I was eager to travel and was ready to forget everything! The flight left on time. I was so exhausted that I was a bit sleepy. For about 45 minutes we fly over plains. Then the mountains enter the scene! I was waiting to see if these peaks were going to start glowing. I wasn’t surprised in the least!

Surreal Sunrise, Delhi Leh Flight

I was captivated by the sun’s rays. I was lost in the world in front of me. I would take my DSLR and then switch to my phone to return to my DSLR creating videos and snapping pictures! I was completely obsessed with the windows and my cameras!

View from the Delhi Leh Flight

The problem with these photographs is that they don’t appear as great as the actual photo, however I’m happy with the scene I was in and what I was able to capture. I need to be reminded to look more with my eyes. I do find myself looking many things by looking through my lens!

View of the Ladakh Range from the Delhi Leh Flight

After taking many images with the lens kit of my DSLR I then added the zoom lens! I’m glad I could think about this. While I was aware that the man who was sitting next to me was always using his camera. Then, the folks who were next to me switched seats so that they could also have an angle!

Flying Over the Ladakh Range

I’ve learned from my previous experiences that the time to fly along this picturesque mountain range is too fast. As soon as the runway at Leh was visible. I have photos of Leh’s Delhi Leh Winter flight also from 2016. I’d like to witness the sun rising over these magnificent mountains during winter as well!

Flying from Delhi to Leh

The show soon ended as it became time to landing at Leh Airport. Leh Airport. I was aware that it would be cold, and I was aware that the altitude would come at me eventually.

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