7 Reasons Why You Should Travel

Nowadays, more than ever, it seems like the entire world is within reach, and you’re able to move anywhere you want to without ever leaving the safety of your home. This is a great thing this moment, when so many of us remain from the ravages of the flu. We’re thankful for the virtual doors we have to the the world but we’re certainly thinking of getting out on the road once it’s safe.

Why? At the heart of everything does HI USA HI USA is the belief that travel can be a potent instrument for creating a more peaceful world and people who are able to appreciate the diversity of our planet. If we had a perfect world, every person should have the opportunity to experience something that is completely new for at the very least one time (we even offer the opportunity to award scholarships to make it happen). However, beyond creating more beautiful there are plenty of compelling reason to explore as frequently as you are able to.

1. New experiences

Routine is the main cause of death for the soul and nothing is more fulfilling than the sensation of discovering something brand-new in a different area. If it’s to a different state or an entire new continent, travelling to places you’ve never before been is an excellent chance to step away from the routine of everyday life and rekindle your imagination. When you return to your home, you’ll feel rejuvenated and ready to tackle the demands of life.

2. Food! (and other cultural experiences, too.)

Australian Tim Tams a complete English breakfast, and a delicious chicken tikka – all of these taste better when you are in their country. And one of the most enjoyable aspects of traveling is the freedom to eat anything and everything that you cannot get at home. Food is a fantastic method of understanding and connecting with different cultures, and so are the local arts and music since they’re the expressions of humanity as well as our own experience.

3. Bonding

It’s the nature of travel Perhaps it’s the freshness or maybe the difficulties which arise, that allows people to bond with one another in a way that appears to be beyond the boundaries of normal society, especially when you’re staying in HI USA hostels. If you’re travelling on your own it’s possible the chance to “bond” with yourself as you travel and are more willing to meet strangers who could be friends for the rest of your life. If you’re traveling together with family members or friends traveling with them, the experiences during your travels tend to connect you as you create memories and conquer obstacles together.

4. Gaining a perspective and appreciation

Going to a new area can be a great opportunity to examine your own life from a different angle so to speak. Being in places where people enjoy different rights, different incomes and different opinions can cause you to question your own beliefs and experiences. It will also allow you to appreciate the good within your own life that’s often easy to overlook or overlook.

5. Opening your mind

It is a fact that traveling is vital in opening your mind. When you meet people from different backgrounds and experience new things, and travel to foreign countries and places, the realities of these experiences will shake the preconceived notions you have held before. You’ll be able to see people as individuals exactly like you, instead of as potential stereotypes based on geography and you’ll see that there’s much more to famous cities than the well-known landmarks. The challenges, the generosity of strangers as well as the beautiful and diverse nature of nature will inspire you to be more open and accepting of diverse ways of thinking and acting.

6. Making memories

It’s a bit common sense, but the truth is that no one thinks back at their lives and wish they had improved their iPhones more frequently. People think about the memorable train journey through Europe or the time they were confused at night in New York and found the most delicious slice of pizza or the time they met their husband in an inn. Your travel memories will always remain with you, and should you ever need motivation, they will serve as a great resource to remind yourself of how great life can be.

7. In the hostels of HI USA hostels

It’s great to travel, but staying in hostels is more convenient. The hostels we have are situated in various areas ranging from coastal parks to major cities, and they make it simple to discover a city with its people and their culture, while providing chances for travelers to get involved with one another. The best part is that when you choose to stay in a hostel with HI USA you’ll be helping us build an open and welcoming world for the next generation of travelers like you!

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