Best Tour of Argentina

You’re thinking of going to Argentina? The first thing to do is great option! Second take this blog post to provide you with some of the best stops to make to make the most memorable tour in Argentina.

Argentina is an incredible country. Argentina is the biggest nation with a Spanish language in the world and the second biggest one of South America after Brazil. Argentina is renowned as one of the places that birthed the Tango which is one of the most famous dances around the globe. With jungles, mountains and waterfalls, as well as wildlife that ranges from penguins to big cats, Argentina is the perfect location for an artistic and eco-friendly adventure.

Iguazu Falls

Iguazu Falls, on the border of the river that connects Argentina and Brazil It is an UNESCO World Heritage Site, and was named among the New 7 Natural Wonders of the World. Iguazu has 275 waterfalls and boasts the largest stream of any waterfall in the world.The most imposing waterfall, named “Devil’s Throat”, is more than twice as wide and nearly 100 feet higher over Niagra Falls! The lush forest surrounds it and a variety of fauna (think the coatis of monkeys,, and colourful birds) along with stunning photos and stunning views It is a must-see! The place is visited during the pre-trip portion part of the Argentina Tour.

Mendoza Wine Country


Argentina is renowned for its top wines, and there’s no better spot to taste these than in Mendoza. It’s the ideal place to enjoy Argentinian wines and food (especially the local BBQ known as asado) and dancing and the culture. More than two-thirds Argentinian wine is made here! When visiting wineries, it is important to have an expert guide to guide you to know more about the growing process and the methods of cultivation. When you try asado which is commonly known as Argentinian barbecue, it’s essential to be aware that this isn’t simply a meal. It’s an ancient tradition.

You’ll be able to learn more about Argentinian tradition, including the way the Gaucho character, which is the skilled horseman, is considered to be a traditional image of this unique country. Mendoza Wine Country is the first destination during our tour through Argentina.


If you’re in this region of the globe it would be regrettable not to take the time to see Aconcagua which is the highest mountain outside of Asia with an impressive 22,837 feet. As you climb to the foothills, wildflowers adorn the trail and you’ll be afforded stunning perspectives from the southern side of Aconcagua.


There’s no way to visit Argentina without dropping by Patagonia where you can find some of the most remote areas in the world that Earth is left. There are many places to visit in Patagonia however we’ve chosen a few we believe should not be missed.

Los Glaciares National Park


Argentina is location of Los Glaciares National Park which is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Los Glaciares National Park covers over 1,600 square miles, containing 47 major glaciers. The main attraction, Perito Moreno glacier stands at 196 feet over the water of Lake Argentina. It is among the only glaciers on the planet that are still expanding even in the face of changing climate. You can also hike Perito Moreno Glacier. Perito Moreno Glacier on tours like the Patagonia & Mendoza Adventure tour.

Mount Fitz Roy Massif

Mount Fitz Roy can be described as a mountain located in Patagonia that lies at the border of Argentina as well as Chile. This Fitz Roy trail is an impressive 11-mile (18km) loop that offers stunning views. The iconic mountain silhouette which was immortalized in Patagonia. Patagonia logo.

Buenos Aires

The majority of trips to Argentina begin and end in Buenos Aires, and they ought to! It’s the ideal spot to get a taste of Argentina in its fullest form. In fact, the reality the fact that Buenos Aires is the birthplace of tango will tell you all you must learn about the city: romantic lively, thrilling, and exciting! The mix of culture, architecture and creativity, paired with welcoming hosts is certain to make this a memorable city a must-visit on your trip to Argentina.


Do you want to go in the direction of Fin del Mundo(the the End of the World)? It is the Southern edge of Argentina. Ushuaia is an Argentine city situated on an island in the Tierra del Fuego archipelago. There are stunning landscapes and views over Ushuaia’s Andes Mountains. Ushuaia is renowned for its beauty and is an entry point to Antarctica. Activities include the possibility of hiking glaciers as well as ski slopes and food to try as you take in getting lost in breathtaking landscapes. This trip is offered as a follow-up to our amazing excursion to Argentina. Did we mention that you will see penguin colonies?

The Best Tour of Argentina! An amazing mixture of landscapes, wildlife food and culture that can not be found elsewhere. To ensure your Argentinian trip includes all the wonderful experiences we’ve discussed above, make sure to stick to an itinerary similar to our itinerary of Argentina to ensure you don’t miss a single one of it!

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