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The Grand Dragon Ladakh

This was my second time staying in The Grand Dragon Ladakh. When I first was there was in January of 2016. The two times I’ve been a blogger my stay was completely free. January 2016 was an excursion with a group, whereas in the month of October 2021, I was alone doing my own thing!

The Gorgeous Grand Dragon Ladakh

Two ways I can begin my story. In September 2021, I contacted the number of my dear acquaintance Meenaskhi and asked her for recommendations for a homestay in Ladakh. She persuaded me to go to Grand Dragon instead. Grand Dragon instead. Not needing much convincing. I’ve been there before and I was aware of how wonderful it was.

My Room at the Grand Dragon

My room at the Grand DragonOn Day 3 of my journey, I was walking through in the Leh Palace at my leisurely pace. I ran into a lady who was serious about creating videos, and we began talking. After a couple of minutes, we connected via Instagram. After browsing my Instagram feed for just a couple of minutes, she asked me “So you’re living at The Grand Dragon?” I was again reminded of the importance of the opportunities to blog that I have!

The View from my Porch!

When I sat down in my bedroom, I was amazed over the views from my balcony I was set to be waking up to it for five days. After the tough year 2020 which we all faced and then the gloom of April 2021 I was looking at this view for my eyes! As I posted to Instagram, Facebook, Facebook and Instagram numerous people contacted me asking questions about the conditions. I was in Leh from October 13 until 18 October. Every day, the temperature was in excess of 12 ° Celsius. Evenings were frigid, but I would be tucked into my heated and centrally heated bedroom at 9.30 at night, which was never an issue. The day I left on October 18th, I awoke to a cold 0 degrees, however the only thing I did the day was catch an airplane! I was happy with the weather throughout my stay, and I also was able to witness the beautiful autumn colours!

Food at the Grand Dragon Ladakh

I ate all my meals in the hotel. I did make it to the market several times. I was able to see many cute cafes, however at the end, I opted to stay out because of the crowd. October was a busy month in Leh. At the hotel , the restaurant was large, and I felt more secure eating there rather than at the cafes. I began to look over the dessert buffet at the dessert counter. I was concerned about eating all the food from the hotel. It was a pleasant surprise to discover that I didn’t gain any weight even though I indulged in plenty of dessert. I think the exercise at altitude helped me balance my sweets intake!

Since I was for every meal during 5 days, the staff became accustomed to me! They also listened to my needs and adapted to them. I was probably the only one eating my meals by myself, however I didn’t feel it excessively! I don’t remember every name, but I do am able to recall Dolma, Gagan, Tanmay (front desk) and Tara Ji. We ate together at every meal and when they weren’t busy, they would take the time to talk with me.

Kahwa at the Garden

I am a chai lover and rarely exchange it for anything other than Kahwa. There is something amazing about Kahwa in that elevation and in the weather. I can drink plenty of it.

My holidays revolve around the quantity of tea I consume and I had plenty of happy cups in this particular one. After eating breakfast or lunch in the restaurant, I would stroll out onto the terrace with a cup of chai or Kahwa in my hand and a sense of my heart soaring with joy.

Another Picture from my Porch

It was a bit of a mess that I committed a number of rookie errors during this trip. Instead of resting fully, I took an evening walk at the beginning of the day. The initial two days, I didn’t take in more water. Therefore, on one of the days I had headaches and was unable to move. It was my porch that served as my refuge and the views were spectacular. If I could make myself do it, to do it, I’d make it mandatory during all my trips to not do anything for a day. However, I am sure it will not occur unless I have to rest, such as during this trip!

Apples in the Garden

Apples were thriving in the gardens at the front of the hotel! For a person who is low in altitude like me, it was fascinating to see all of them growing on the tree!

It was a pleasure to have several days in such stunning settings. The moment I arrived I was exhausted physically as well as mentally. The days have passed since I returned, but I am still feeling rejuvenated from this excursion.

It’s the people that make the experience memorable, and you can see a few in one image. I got home late from a sightseeing trip an afternoon and my lunch was almost over. They brought so many goodies out of the kitchen for me that I was able to not finish everything. I remember fondly the spicy Gulab Jamun that Dolma brought me in the end! I asked them to remove my mask to take this photo! I believe that travel will be open for the foreseeable future as well as that all the stress of it is past us. I am extremely grateful to have taken the trip Ladakh and for my unforgettable time on Ladakh’s Grand Dragon Ladakh.

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