The 10-reasons-you-will-love-traveling

In the age of technology social media might be the ideal platform to show the beauty of the world to affluent travelers around the world, but travel is much more than getting the perfect Instagram photo. Travel is supposed to be an experience that is meaningful. It should excite and motivate you, reenergize as well as ground your feet, inform and test you but most importantly it should humble you.

Travel is the best way to tell our memories, our most precious memories and endless valuable lessons that we are able to give to other people. It helps us understand us and one another It broadens our perspective and, as a reset button it forces us back on the things that really matter.

Here’s what traveling is to me…

Personally, for me, travel is an integral part of my life. We were born to a traveling-mad family, and had traveled to three continents when I began school, so the desire to travel (and a snarky mixed accent) was an inevitable part of my life. My sister and me are fortunate to have parents who insist that travel was the best way to learn thankfully, the school vacations were filled with exploring amazing places both close and far.

After graduating from college (and reaching the age of 21) I was presented with one of the greatest gifts that I have ever received: the gift of traveling. With a round-the-world plane ticket and a spirit of adventure, my journey took me off for a solo six-month backpacking adventure through Europe, Southern Africa and Australia and absolutely, it transformed the way I perceived the world. As an avid traveler who is self-confessed I’ve compiled a list of 10 reasons I love traveling.

1. Travel to leave the world in a better condition

I’ve been blessed to be a part of and travel with and BEYOND for over 13 years. What I am most inspired by is our ethos as a company and our unflinching commitment to caring for the environment wildlife, people and the land. Being a part of and BEYOND has allowed me to have the unique opportunity to be a part of so many amazing and memorable moments, like witnessing endangered rhinos being relocated; watching an elephant’s cow being collared to study and monitor its health as well as helping relocate a fragile nest built by a massive and endangered sea turtle, spending the night at an authentic Maasai severalatta (homestead) and many more. and BEYOND‘s authentic, immersive travel doesn’t just allow travelers to be involved, to interact and gain knowledge, but lets them travel with purpose and contribute to making the world a better one.

2. Explore different cultures and meet new people

Traveling exposes us to various traditional cultures and traditions. through these encounters with authentic people that we are able to accept and appreciate both our differences and similarities. Traveling is a way to learn about humanity and helps us gain appreciation of, tolerance and understanding of different views and methods of living.

3. Travel to study and learn

There aren’t many classrooms with four walls, and traveling is the best method to learn about history, geography, culture food and languages, biology … it’s up to you can think of it. Traveling enriches our minds and provides us with knowledge that is far greater than any book or guide to travel. In addition, curious travelers discover new landscapes along with their cultures, languages, and lifestyles as well as discover interesting facts watching wild wildlife in their natural habitat as well as delve into the area’s history and taste local food; however, they also discover more about themselves (and one another) as they travel.

4. Travel to escape reality

Everyone needs to get out of the spotlight to get away from reality once in a once in a. Travel lets us enjoy total privacy in undiscovered and unknown territories. It provides us with the freedom to live life to the fullest and allows us to be anybody, travel anywhere and do everything. The most enjoyable part of my six-month journey across the globe at the time, was the feeling of freedom capable of waking up, pick a location anyplace on the globe and figure out a way to reach it. Travel allows us to be more spontaneous and to seek out new experiences.

5. Relax and travel

We live in a world that is incredibly busy and driven by technology. Let’s be honest, it’s often that we get the time needed to relax and unwind. Travel lets us be away from our daily obligations as well as deadlines, dramas, and allows us to unwind our minds. It allows us to refresh our batteries as well as really be away (from our smartphones and Wi-Fi computers, emails, laptops social media and so on.) so that we can reconnect (with ourselves, one another and with the natural world).

6. Travel to discover

Travel pushes us away from our familiar surroundings and makes us want to explore things, taste, and experiment with new things. It continually challenges us not just to adjust to and experience new environments as well as to interact with people from different backgrounds to be open to new experiences whenever they happen and to create new and memorable moments with our loved ones. If you are looking for adrenaline and continuous activity, or unapologetic rest and relaxation Travel allows us to explore the world with an open mind and heart.

7. Travel with the sake of humility

Absolutely, traveling can be a great way to learn humility. When we travel across borders and even oceans, it helps us gain a fresh perspective. We are able to recognize and appreciate every thing that we have taken for granted in our daily lives. We also develop respect and appreciation for how other people live their lives. Traveling helps us become patient, flexible, and open-minded. But most of all , it can make us humble.

8. Travel to eat

The one thing you’ll not see on a list of items to pack is diet. You can leave the diet at home! Make sure to have a good appetite and an eagerness to taste new flavors and try all the local delights. Make sure to remember that mimosas are acceptable for breakfast, and desserts are always an excellent idea. Enjoy, then go back to the second one and work out when you’re home.

9. The way we travel is changing

Do not just travel for the sake. Explore the world to be alive. Participate in experiences that will not just alter your perception of this world; but will also stimulate self-reflection and environmental awareness , and actions across the globe to save and preserve our planet.

10. Travel to live out your bucket list dreams

Every traveler’s bucket-list differs. It doesn’t matter if you’d like to watch the sunset across Taj Majal, watch the sun set over Taj Majal, snowshoe on the side of a volcano that is active or take in the Africa’s Big Five and the Great Migration or even find your Zen in yoga retreats at the foothills of the Himalayas as long as you are able to imagine it you can achieve it. It is the most effective treatment and I wish it to continue to make us breathless and transform us into storytelling artists (and dedicated stewards of our planet).

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