Indore is a well-known tourist destination for people from across the nation because of the variety it has to offer, whether royal palaces or a to meet with gods busy bazaars, or distinctive street food vendors. There are a lot of tourist destinations near Indore If you’re looking to explore outside the city.

For example, Patalpani Falls, Omkareshwar, Ved Shala, Narmada Ghat, Tincha Falls, Jahaz Mahal, Mahakaleshwar Temple, Hoshang Shah’s Tomb, Bahadur Mahal, Lotus Lake, Chidiya Bhadak Waterfall, and many more stunning tourist attractions are within 100 kms of Indore.

The most stunning natural landscapes as well as sacred places of worship, and historical villages are just a handful of the possibilities for an pleasant day trip or a weekend escape away from the city. Keep reading to learn about the top tourist spots in the vicinity of Indore!

Tourist places near Indore –

1. Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary

In addition to its rich and diverse culture, Indore is home to an array of diverse species of flora and fauna that Indore is working hard to safeguard. The popular Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary is a must-see for all nature enthusiasts and hikers. Visiting the sanctuary is among the most enjoyable activities you can do while in Indore. The colorful sanctuary includes deer rabbits and sambhar, blue bull as well as rare species of birds and also eucalyptus teak, bamboo Babul, Chandan trees.

Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary

The natural views of this park are spectacular. Whatever time of the year or season you are there you’ll be surrounded by the pure air and lush vegetation which can restore all of your senses. Camel riding and cycling are the other two options you have. Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the most popular tourist spots close to Indore and is an ideal location to explore within 100 km of Indore! To find out more thrilling activities to enjoy in Indore visit the top 9 activities to enjoy in Indore to make your stay enjoyable.

Distance from Indore Distance from Indore 11.1Kms

Timing : Tha Sanctuary will be open until 09:00 a.m until 06:30 p.m

Entry Fee: the entry fee is INR20 per individual.

2. Patalpani Falls

The Patalpani Waterfalls is a popular picnic spot for tourists and locals. The world-renowned Indore waterfall which is 300 feet high is situated on the Indore-Khandwa railway line.

Patalpani Falls

The waterfall can reach its full potential during monsoons, when the torrential rains give the waterfall a fierce force that is truly amazing and almost hypnotic to watch. The water is believed to plunge to an unimaginable depth (patal) and engulf the area with a mysterious ambiance. Also, it is a popular trek location in the city, especially during monsoon time in which the forests are abounding with trees and make It one of those most sought-after tourist destinations close to Indore within 100 km from Indore.

Distance from Indore 35 km

Time & Timing: The Falls can be visited between 06:30 a.m. from 06:00 a.m. until 06:30 p.m

Entry Fee – Entry is free to all

3. Omkareshwar

The majestic Omkareshwar temple is situated along the shores of the holy Narmada River (also known locally as Ma Rewa). Omkareshwar is among the 12 jyotirlingas of India and devotees throughout the nation are able to visit the temple throughout the throughout the year. Many devotees flock to this sacred Shiva temple in the auspicious’saavan month in July, August and September.


The beauty of nature in Omkareshwar that is surrounded by meadows and hills it is as soothing for your eyes and for the soul. After the ‘darshan’, enjoy a boat ride on the Narmada to discover the eerie attraction of this holy city. Omkareshwar is among the top tourist spots close to Indore and is a great location to explore within 100 kms of Indore!

Distance from Indore 60 Kms from Indore

Timings – The temple is accessible to visitors between at 05:00 a.m until 11:00 p.m

Entry Fee – As the site of worship it is open to everyone.

4. Ved Shala Ujjain

Raja Jaisingh built the Ved Shala, also referred to in the form of Jantar Mantar, in Ujjain in 1725. It is believed to be the first Indian scientific observatory. The fact that both the Tropic of Cancer as well as the prime meridian of longitude traverse Ujjain is a perfect spot for an observatory according to Indian Astronomers have believed for a long time.

Ved Shala

Ved Shala Ved Shala is one of five stunning observatories constructed through Raja Jaisingh, the others located in Delhi, Jaipur, Varanasi and Mathura. After years in neglect, this site was transformed and has since attracted hundreds of people from across the globe. There is a Hindu calendar, known as the “panchang,” also inspired by observations made in Ujjain. Ved Shala is one of the most attractive tourist destinations close to Indore.

Distance from Indore Distance from Indore 55.6 Kms

Timing – It’s accessible to visitors from 9:00 a.m until 8:15 p.m

Entry Fee: The entry cost is INR 10 to adults, and 5 INR for children.

5. Narmada Ghat, Maheshwar

This beautiful hamlet along the Narmada River is one of the most visited tourist spots close to Indore that is renowned for its architecture and beauty and spiritual vibrations. Maheshwar is the capital of the renowned queen Ahilyabai Holkar is the location of her palace and fort and a myriad of temples.

Narmada Ghat

The tranquil ghats of the Narmada River, as well as the stunningly carved façade are stunning. It is known for its exquisite and classy Maheswari fabrics and sarees, which are handmade on looms located in Maheshwar. The serene boat cruise through the Narmada River, past the beautiful fort and ghats, with its serene ghats it is a memorable experience.

Distance from Indore Distance from Indore – 67 Kms

Timing is the most renowned tourist attraction, you are able to visit the ghat any time.

Entry Fees – The entry is absolutely free

6. Tincha Falls

Take in the stunning white waterfalls loudly from a high point at this breathtaking waterfall near Indore. Tincha Falls offers nature lovers and couples an opportunity to relax in the middle of pure nature, away from bustle and chaos of the city.

Tincha Falls

Tincha Falls, which appears as one stream of white, milky water, is an amazing scene that attracts photographers, especially during the monsoon season. The stunning beauty of the spot demands an at-least two hour visit of time to truly appreciate the beauty of it. Tincha Falls is one of the most popular tourist destinations close to Indore and is a great place to explore within 100 kilometers of Indore! To satisfy your hunger there are 14 street food items in Indore that you should not miss. Food street stalls are on sale everywhere on Indore’s streets. Indore.

Distance from Indore 25 Kms from Indore

Timing – It’s accessible all day long however the ideal time to go is between 08:00 am until 06:30 p.m

Entry Fee: The entry is free for all visitors.

7. Jahaz Mahal

If you’re looking for ancient architecture If you’re interested in medieval architecture, the Jahaz Mahal is one of the most intriguing tourist attractions in the vicinity of Indore. The magnificent palace was constructed around 15th century within the Madhya Pradesh’s Mandu district to accommodate 15000 of the wives of Ghiyas-uddin Khalji who was the most powerful ruler in Mandu in the period. The huge palace, which is set amongst magnificent ponds, as well as a beautiful floor and wall are a stunning sight to see.

Jahaz Mahal

The palace effectively preserves and reflects the essence of medieval times of the medieval era which is evident in its architecture and unique mixture that combines Indian, Mughal, Afghan and Mesopotamian civilizations which makes it one of the most popular tourist spots close to Indore. Since the route between Indore towards Mandu is breathtaking that you must take an excursion there. To find out more exciting activities to enjoy in Indore you should look into the following list of interesting activities to take part in Indore that will make your stay worth it.

Distance from Indore 28 Kms Distance from Indore

Timing The timing is The Mahal will be open to guests from 06:00 a.m until 06:30 p.m

Entry Fee – The entry cost amounts to INR5 per individual

8. Mahakaleshwar Temple

The Mahakaleshwar Jyotirlinga, a sacred temple dedicated to Hindu Lord Shiva and is among the most famous of the tourist destinations within 100 km of Indore. It is situated within the Ujjain village in Jaisinghpura. The lingam version of Shiva that is a lord of Mahakaleshwar located in Rudra Sagar lake. Rudra Sagar Lake, has the meaning of called ‘Swayambhu which means that it was created from itself by channeling currents and energy (Shakti) instead of to other idols which are usually created intentionally or by hand.

Mahakaleshwar Temple

This enhances the religious atmosphere and mystery of the Jyotirlinga that draws thousands of visitors and pilgrims every year. A large number of bhakts are present at the temple’s daily morning, midday and evening rituals. They also attend the Bhasma Aarti, which takes place each day at 4:45 a.m. is a requirement for advanced registration it is a memorable event that should not be skipped. Mahakaleshwar Temple is one of the most popular tourist destinations close to Indore and is a great destination to visit within the 100 kms of Indore!

Distance from Indore Distance from Indore: 56 Kms

Timing : The temple is open from 03:00 a.m until 11:00 p.m

Entry Fee: Entry is absolutely free

9. Hoshang Shah’s Tomb

The impressive hoshang’s tomb in Mandu was built around 15th century, and is among the most stunning spots to visit in Mandu is India’s very first marble structure. The architectural beauty lies deep within Afghani art.

Hoshang Tomb

The inside of the tomb is simple, however small arches coated with blue enamel line the dome’s rimand provide an aesthetic feast for historians. Hoshang Shah’s Sarcophagus, made to serve as a casket, is placed in the proper spot within the dome, along with many burials. The southern entrance is decorated with gorgeous lotsus as well as blue enameled stars that have been carved into the past!

The Tomb is among the most captivating tourist destinations in the vicinity of Indore The Tomb beautifully depicts the medieval spirit of the times it has seen.

Distance from Indore 95Kms to Indore

Timing : The monument is open from 08:30 a.m until 05:30 p.m

Entry Fee – The cost of entry is INR per person.

10. Bahadur Mahal

Another intriguing historic structure located within Mandu, Madhya Pradesh, is the well-known Bahadur Mahal. The Bahadur Mahal was named for the Mandu Emperor Baz Bahadur who was in the love of his beloved spouse Roopmati and was also a huge patron of the arts It is one of the most interesting tourist attractions close to Indore which is ranked as one of the top places to see in Indore.

Bahadur Mahal

According to an inscription found on the gate to the entrance the palace was constructed in 1509 AD. In the main area, there is decorated with a stunning fountain in the middle while the sides of the hall are furnished with chambers to serve various purposes. The north side of the palace has a vast park that is still bearing the marks of time and is obscured by an octagonal structure. For more interesting activities to enjoy in Indore visit the 9 fascinating activities you can do while in Indore that will make your stay worth it.

Distance from Indore 99 Kms from Indore

Timing The Mahal is open from The Mahal will be open to visitors at the time of 08:00 a.m until 08:30 p.m

Entry Fee – The entry cost for each person is Rs 5

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