Top 10 Underrated Destinations in India

welcome to this aricle and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 underrated destinations in india. For this list we’re looking at off the radar and often overlooked destinations across india it’s a large and diverse country both in terms of culture and environments these are just a few of india’s best kept secrets that the typical tourist is unlikely to visit :

10. kasol

kasol located in the state of himachal pradesh in northern india kasol is a real departure from what most people expect from a trip to india a rugged green and mountainous state himachal pradesh is known as land of gods and goddesses here a full 90 of the population live in rural areas well there are a number of towns and villages worth visiting as you navigate the snowy peaks and rushing rivers casol is a clear standout a hamlet located on the banks of the parvati river casaul has long been a low-key favorite of backpackers it’s not only a stunning area to explore in its own right but it also serves as a perfect home base from which to embark on a number of unique treks.

9. kerg

kerg the town of uti has long been a favorite destination with travellers from around the globe known as the queen of hill stations the town is undeniably romantic and boasts some truly stunning views but it also gets very crowded so if you’re looking for a sleepy town nestled in a natural setting coug also known as kodagu is a great alternative another hill station this one located in the state of karnataka kug has earned itself a number of flattering nicknames these include the kashmir of kinetica and the scotland of india the latter is a reference to the verdant green hills of the area which is also home to a wide variety of wildlife while local life in kurg is quiet the surrounding area offers numerous outdoor activities including cave treks and a variety of historic sites.

8. mumbai

mataran the lonavala and kandala hill stations are two popular destinations that people often visit as part of a larger trip to mumbai it’s a chance to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city for some time in the countryside the problem is everyone has the same idea and so you just wind up with a crowded countryside for a similar experience but with more personal space take the trip to mataran not only does the town offer all the country charms you could ask for but it’s also accessible via a heritage train ride that offers some great photo ops the town itself doesn’t allow motor vehicles so there’s a real sense of peace and calm that permeates your visit whether you’re looking to sit back and relax or hike to scenic lookouts mataran doesn’t disappoint.

7. uti

what comes to mind when you think of a trip to india we’re guessing it’s not snowy mountains orchards and oak trees but that’s the magic of uli it’s like an entirely different world located in the northern state of uttarakhand uli is a relatively popular ski destination but more so with locals than international travelers the reason there just aren’t that many foreign visitors who visit india to hit the slopes regardless uli’s place in the himalayas ensures some truly stunning views year round the valley is actually home to one of the most diverse collections of flower species anywhere on earth but while nature might be the starring attraction the area is also home to a number of temples and historic sites that are well worth visiting.

6. gangtok

the capital of the state of sakum gangtok is a destination that’s hard to pigeonhole it’s often referred to as both a town and city depending on the context with a population of a hundred thousand and a notably modern vibe to it it certainly earns its capital city status on the other hand its location in the himalayan mountains in northeastern india paired with all the natural surrounding beauty also make it feel like one big hill town it’s at once a great home base for backpackers looking to do some unforgettable trekking through the surrounding landscape but also rich in cultural experiences there’s no shortage of things to do in gangtok itself from shopping and dining to the gangtok food and culture festival it’s really got a bit of everything.

5. valparais

located in the animal life mountain range belpurai is a town in the southeastern state of tamaledo the area is absolutely gorgeous consisting of rolling green hills and lush forests it’s a lovely place to visit and the available lodgings offer the usual creature comforts but this land belongs first and foremost to nature the area is arguably best known as the home of the animal eye tiger reserve in addition to its namesake big cats the area is home to a wide variety of animals including the brown mongoose indian elephant indian leopard sloth bears and more many of the aforementioned creatures are actually endangered while the animal lie tiger reserve as a whole is home to a number of endemic species as such valparai makes for not only an unforgettable travel experience but also a cause worth supporting.

4. parallelem beach goa

parallelem beach goa isn’t exactly off the beaten path if you’ve ever been to beaches like baga and kalingoot in peak season you know just how unbearably crowded they can get and unfortunately with so many people the beaches usually suffer from a buildup of litter as well thankfully not every beach in the area has been overrun like the aforementioned hot spots goa is located along the southwestern coast of india as you move to the southernmost end of the state in kanakona you find beautiful palalen beach it’s by no means a secret in peak season you’re likely to encounter travelers from all across the globe compared to goa’s top beaches however the numbers remain relatively low thanks in part to the lack of local development unpretentious and largely untarnished it’s a real gem.

3. speedy valley

speedy valley while the name might not be the most enticing spiti valley just might be among india’s most awe-inspiring destinations here in the state of himachal pradesh small hilltop villages stand in stark contrast to the towering himalayan mountains the picturesque speedy river runs through the valley feeding an immersive array of unique flora a surreal space to explore speedy valley is at once a land of adventure but also impossibly serene as if all the natural splendor in the area isn’t enough to earn spiti valley a place on our podium it’s also a must visit for anyone with an interest in buddhism it’s home to some of the world’s oldest buddhist sites including the tabo monastery dhankar monastery and key monastery the whole thing makes for one truly epic road trip for travellers in the know.

2. puducherry

puducherry also known as pondicherry this town is a must visit for anyone with an interest in the french colonial history of india the old world architecture of the town is beautifully preserved making travelers feel somewhat out of step with time during their visit here one finds great shopping opportunities instagram ready photo ops around every corner and excellent french cuisine in recent years it’s become something of a bohemian retreat for those lucky enough to have discovered the unique town but it thankfully continues to elude mass tourism it’s a unique blend of french and indian culture offering a whole lot of charm and a memorable moment to be made add to that the beautiful local beaches and you’ve really got an unforgettable trip.

1. bod gaia

if you’re looking for a uniquely inspiring trip to india then this is the destination for you vodka is located on the banks of the river falgu in the indian state of bihar it is considered to be among the most important destinations in the buddhist world here under the body tree is where gutama buddha is said to have achieved enlightenment and yet for all its importance to buddhism bodagaya remains relatively unknown to other international travelers with a wealth of religious sites to explore including the mahabadi temple and the great buddha statue it makes for a culturally and spiritually enriching experience regardless of your personal faith or beliefs if your trip coincides with a local festival you should expect crowds but it also makes for a truly one in a lifetime travel experience do you agree with our picks check out this other recent clip from mojo travels.

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